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Jade Hair Dryer

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Our product Jade hair dryer is unlikely other ordinary hair dryers, installed the jade (one of gem stone) inside of the hair dryer body. When you operates the our dryer, it emits far infrared rays.
The characteristics of our products are attractive design, color, and light weight.
Furthermore, Our products have superior effects.
- 1. Treatment of scalp
- 2. Protection of hair
- 3. Dandruff ameliorative effect
- 4. Hot fomentation These effects cause by far infrared rays from Jade which installed inside of our hair dryer body.


  • Installing original jade inside the radiator
  • Emitting far infrared rays
  • 3 way safety device
  • Double filter
  • Digital buttons
    - H button(HIGH) - adult
    - M button(MIDDLE) - children
    - T button/cool - treatment
    - O button(SLEEP) - OFF button
  • LED display
  • DC Motor
  • 1300W, 1500W, 1800W
  • Power cord length 3.0m
  • Domestic and international patents
  • GD selected (Good design selection)
  • Far infrared rays emission indicator